2A ArchTalk: Where Ideas Are Born

2A ArchTalk is a Global event that celebrates architecture and art in all its glory, It aims to recognize the work of various firms and individuals who have made significant achievements in the field. It is also a platform to welcome new ideas. Most importantly, the festival is a confluence of the greatest minds in the architectural world.

The 2A ArchTalk (Terminate Lectures)

2A Global Architectural Festival, being one of the most significant Architectural festivals, is a meeting place for industry leaders. The entire duration of the event serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, and discussions about new technologies and methods. It showcases the work of professionals.

The first Interaction forum of 2018 was held in Barcelona and this year it will be held in Dubai. Architects coming from various cultures interact via a social and lecture-based platform to discuss architectural practices in Asia – Oceania, Europe, Africa, South & Central America, and North America. The confluence of cross-cultural ideas leads to significant evolution in the methodologies and techniques followed by professionals. These are the kind of ideas that have been changing the shape of the earth, making architects embed their names in history.

A Discussion-Based Platform for Architectural Evolution

The discussions are based on Architecture, Culture, Social Evolution, Education, Social-ethics, Environmental- ethics, Observation learning, and Innovative Contextual, with individuals presenting the views and techniques they have been adopting, in seven minutes. Architects from different continents come together to share their experiences, learnings, challenges they have faced, and their visions. This is a unique opportunity for seasoned as well as budding professionals to understand the various facets of the trade.

Sparking Imagination and Innovation

Imagination and ready-made technology, together with the exhibitions of corollaries, have helped many architects in creating better living spaces in their countries. The ArchTalk forum is literally an arena to spark creativity. It is a truly inspiring event that promotes regenerative strategies, new design concepts, sustainable innovations as well as commercial connections and opportunities.

At the forum, answers to various challenges are discovered, curiosity and imagination are kindled and inspiration just flows. It provides a stage to witness high-quality research and ideas stemming from various experimental, conceptual and constructive work done in different areas of architectural practices and theories. Architectural professionals as well as educators present their research and discuss the latest innovations, trends, and challenges in the industry. At this interdisciplinary platform, professionals share the challenges they have encountered through their careers and the solutions they have adopted for the same.

When you have in front of you ground-breaking concepts and a spotlight shining on innovative solutions clubbed with vast industrial expertise, beautiful masterpieces start budding in the mind. ArchTalk is truly a forum to witness the transforming power of architecture.

Ahmad Zohadi
Founder & Director