The 2A ArchTalk Madrid- October 2019

With the invitation of the selective participants of unique architectural ideas in architecture for presenting in the 2A ArchTalk Forum, The 2A ArchTalk has been starting since 2018 in IAAC Barcelona on the day of the award ceremony of 2ACAA 2018, and it has also been held successfully in Polytechnic University of Madrid in October 2019 at award ceremony of 2ACAA 2019.

The following list of the speakers have been presented about 10 minutes in regards their professional concepts which provided opportunities for growth of interaction and exchange the ideas, to enhance learning and gaining a boarder perspective about the field of architecture & design for future generation.

2A ArchTalk 2019 Speakers and Themes of speakers presentation:

Suhasini Ayer “Quest for consillence”, India – Meghdad Sharif, “finding Afmosphere”,  Iran- Yoshiaki Tanaka, “Warm Transparency”, Japan- Jose Alfonso Quinones “Utopia”, Mexico – Richard De La Riva “The City Hall: Designing Democracy”, Canada – Maarten Van Bremen “Innovative Architecture as Basie for Modernization” , Netherlands – Rosie Paul “Architecture beyond Architects” , India – Saman Motamedi “Vernacular Organic Architecture”, Iran – Sarah Tio “Architectural intervention as a change in the image of the city”, Dominican Republic – Antoine Guiraud “A sensitive architecture” , France – Benjamin Michel “The sky, the sun and the sea” France

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